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Air cooler structure 2018/01/26
High-quality air coolers mainly by the tube bundle, fan and frame 3 parts. Tube bundle includes heat transfer tube, tube box, side beams and beams. It can be horizontal, vertical and inclined top (Homo-type) layout of the three basic forms....
Air cooler classification and features 2018/01/26
Air cooler according to different occasions, can be divided into power plant air cooler and petrochemical air cooler. By cooling, can be divided into dry, wet, and dry - wet combined air cooler. Wet air cooler Wet air coolers can be divided...
How to clean the air cooler 2018/01/26
Because most of the cooling water contains calcium, magnesium ions and acid carbonate. When cooling water flows through the metal surface, there is carbonate formation. In addition, the oxygen dissolved in the cooling water can also cause c...
Air cooler tube plate welding structure welding process 2018/01/26
Air-cooled tube plate welded joints for the butt joints, pass the ball required to pass the experiment, the root of penetration, no cracks and unfused defects, and the joint strength should be greater than or equal to the strength of the ba...
Air cooler types and what are the requirements 2018/01/26
For the air cooler, the following will be involved in the problem, there are two main, specifically as follows: Question 1: What are the types of air coolers? Which one is the most basic? Question two: air cooler frame, water tray of what a...
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